A magic that makes relationship awesome!!

The simple method that keeps all your social and family relationship really wonderful is to share a word of appreciation to anyone connected to you. Never loose an opportunity to appreciate a genuine work. We will start from our home. Wife prepared something special, husband and children enjoyed the taste with a blank expression and got up and went. The next day if they got only chutney for dinner  they cannot complain. If they  had said a single word looking at the lady with a smile…”Its really yummy”,  ofcourse they would have got somethimg better the next day also.  For a single word of appreciation if a house wife can do hours of work, we can imagine the power of appreciation. A house wife works from morning to evening but do not hear a word of appreciation from anyone, but husband and children even after washing a single plate highlights that many times and look at her eagerly what she says. Appreciation  is a way of expressing your love. If you have true love even if the food is not tasty you appreciate the effort, but if there is no true feeling you criticize even a tasy food.  The moment you saw your child doing some good work, dont look at him/her as if it is her responsibility, but tell the child that it was a great work.  Wife gets ready to go somewhere and before going out of the house looks at husband many times but many do not understand themeaning of that look or majority act as if they do not understand..A few words “ hmmm looking beautiful” is more than enogh to keep her happy throughout the day. So by this we can understand one more thing that everyone loves to hear appreciation but not to appreciate. Here everything goes wrong.

We can see about work place. You entered your office and suddenly one of your colleagues said that you are looking great and that entire day you will be happy and energetic. On the other hand when you entered if the colleague had asked you, “what happened to you?, you are looking so dull( though you were not). Are you not well???, you will really start asking yourself and analyzing if there is any problem and  you will really look like what he/she said, DULL. So what you hear in the morning affects your mood. Appreciation gives positive energy but criticizm gives negative energy.  If the manager criticizes and shouts at the employee even after a good work, we cant expect that employee to be more dedicated day by day. He will cosider that place as a hell, every morning he comes to the office with a thought that he is going to hell and finally he makes only hell in entire life. But if the authority appreciates the employ for any work they do, he can see a tremendous improvement in his work, dedication and sincerity.  “APPRECIATION IS AN INSPIRATION AND A TRUE MOTIVATION”

But the saddest part is you will get so many to criticize you but none to appreciate you.

So my dear friends , we shall not wait for others to act but let us decide that today onward  we will not lose any opportunity to appreciate my dear and near ones. You can really feel the magic of positive energy in your life. You can see people waiting for your presence. This is something like love, something you get more only when you start giving..

If we can change the entire relationship to something very beautiful with one or two words of appreciation, What stops us????. That is our EGO. And with ego Everything Goes…

Thank you for reading…