Hi Friends, My first blog

The actual purpose of starting this site is to interact with the world and to share my views and opinions with all those who love to read my blogs. I take it as a unique opportunity to learn.  There were so many incidents in my life which finally inspired me to do something special and of course what I am doing right now is very special for me because am 38 years old man who came to this field so late I think . I would love to be with the world because I would like to tell frankly that I was not in fact. For the first time in my life am doing all these things and am not a computer professional. Am just trying to learn. I learnt to make a website and use that as a platform to interact with people from you tube. In this learning process if i make any mistakes, I know my dear readers will help me with your valuable suggestions and guide me.  Thank you for reading. Love you all.