A teacher in Indian Society.



A teacher is the most important person who takes the responsibility of molding fruitful citizens and a beautiful society. None has ever become something without a teacher because even parents are considered the first teacher of a child. A child once it becomes three years old, starts its life with teachers and it goes back to its home in the evening for some relaxation, dinner and sleep. Here by we can understand that the role of teachers is more prominent than parents. From the age of three till the age of twenty three, until the child becomes an independent adult with graduation and post graduation, he/she is in the care of teachers.  So if I write about the role of teachers and their unique responsibilities a two hundred page book won’t suffice. Each time a parent goes to the teacher and says my child is not studying…my child is not listening…my child’s attitude is not good..my child behaves rudely with others..his eating habit is not good..so and so hundreds of facts, the teacher listens everything with patience and finally takes the responsibility with a nod. The parent says ..” I know he/she will listen to you..Please take care”.  Teacher is also aware that if the child becomes good and gets excellent mark the parent says that my child is really bright and hard working and if the child gets less mark it is because his teacher is good for nothing. No one remembers a teacher after success but never forget a teacher after failure. Sweet reward of an innocent teacher!!!!!. A teacher is not someone who just teaches what is there in the syllabus but he or she teaches life itself…So a teacher has the highest responsibility in the society than any other officials.

Friends I was going on telling about the great responsibilities of teachers that make them very integral and important part of the society. Lets now think how our teachers are important in our society.

TEACHER is the most neglected category of the modern society. We will analyse their life. Am sure I will be doing justice to 90% of teachers in India. The basic reason for my article is my 15 years teaching experience in 6 different educational institutions. So you can trust me.  The number of government schools is less because even the government officials send their children to private school as they believe that their child will not get quality education from government schools. Thus am talking about the majority of teachers who are working in the private sector. Our Indian government never takes a look at this helpless section who is working for the betterment of society not for their own betterment. A teacher in the private sector can never imagine about their own betterment even after 30 years of service. Insecurity of job is the biggest nightmare of private teachers. There are no organizations which sincerely look into the matter when a teacher is thrown out by the management like a curry leaf. I would like to consider the situation in different states. You can’t imagine of teachers who work hard from morning to evening just taking less than rupees eight thousands a month. A servant who comes to wash dishes and clean house takes more than that. The management exploits these innocent helpless teachers by making them do maximum works. Some of them get just 15 minutes for lunch. This is experience… not exaggerated statement. If a teacher is living in a rented house, let’s consider a cheap rented house will be charged not be less than 4000. So a teacher has to live one month with remaining 3 or 4 thousands?????.  Unimaginable in the modern society right?? But friends, am talking about fact. Such a teacher even after working for life time… dies somewhere poor and unnoticed. I considered the least paid but even if a teacher is paid between15 to 20 thousands, he/she will be waiting for salary by the 25th of the month…Just forget about a comfortable life.. at least they dream their children will live a good life..Nowadays the education after school has become an expensive business..Teachers can just dream about sending their children to any of such institutions where fee is in lakhs. Here no more elaborations required to understand about the financial stability of a teacher. Even an uneducated worker also can understand because with that amount you can’t get a carpenter, a mason or a coolie to work for you but you can get a teacher.

So, very less payment and maximum exploitation makes the teacher less committed and dedicated. That is the reason we lost parent like teachers who took personal interest in the future of children. They just do the work assigned and curse the management for that. They reach home tired and half dead and it affects the happiness of their family. Own children are neglected and the thought about the remaining household works ruins their life. In short professional and personal life of a teacher is not really happy.  Management is least bothered because they can find hundreds of helpless teachers ready to work for less payment.

Even the modern students consider as the poorest section who completed their MA or MSc with great difficulty and came to earn a living. There are so many rules in front of a teacher by the government and by the management regarding how to behave with a child. Don’t punish, don’t shout, don’t insult and just leave the child free and listen to him/her but if he/she doesn’t bring good marks your future is questioned…!!!!! You are a good for nothing teacher and you will be removed from job.  Imagine you are in the starting point of a horse race unfortunately you are sitting on a donkey but still you have to believe that I will come first in the race because you are forced to believe that this donkey can run faster than all the horses though you know the fact..Many teachers will agree regarding the work pressure given to you by the management. Am not considering any student as donkey but took just as an example. Donkey can take so much load and a horse can run fast and if they both do what they are good in there is no competition and both will be happy. Suppose a student who enjoys all comforts and amnesties as his parents made enough and more richness for five generation to live luxuriously considers himself a hero when scores zero in all the subjects. When that child writes exams parents are not tensed, management is not worried and the child itself is in relaxed mood but the poor teacher takes all the tension like someone waiting for the result of entrance exam. Assignments are given not only to the students but also to the teacher by many institutions. By the end of the academic year the assignment is given that if you want job for the next year you have to manage minimum 15 admissions. All those who make these rules and assignments never think about the stress of a teacher.

The saddest part of teacher’s life is that they are neglected by government, management, and their colleagues and even by their own students. For example, if a student behaves like a stranger and even hesitates to wish the teacher when they find the student outside the campus, it gives a piercing pain in the heart of teacher as they take the love and consideration of students as a great reward..They forget about all their problems when they are with such students. But unfortunately such students are disappearing from all educational institutions.  They take teachers as their servant ( of course they are ) even complaint to management for silly reasons that we don’t want that teacher, appoint another one as if the servant who did not wash the dish clean is removed from work.

Two sentences for all dear teachers.. Unnecessary senior junior ego clashes, struggle for personal importance and politics in the staff room is the biggest weakness which every management uses to deal with you the way they like. We teach in class room UNITY IS STRENGTH but we don’t have that. Be united, be compassionate to everyone, and together raise voice against injustice. Am sure if it happens, at least 50% of insecurities and problems in the work field will be solved.

So let’s pray and wish for something great to happen in the life of our beloved teachers..Let the government realize about the role of teachers and do something to help these innocent souls working for the betterment of society.

Let there be unity among the teachers. Happy teachers make happy students and happy students make a happy society.

I will wait for your valuable suggestions and comments that will help me to grow.

Thank you for reading…..