How to deal with the stress of a dark future????

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“When I look at my future I can see only darkness, and it is totally blank” .  This is a statement which almost everyone at least once made in their life and some frequently make. When I make this statement I just consider myself and I don’t look at anything or anyone. We shall analyze this statement with a paradoxical thought. Ask one more question to the self .. what I am doing right now, the life I am living now, the place I am living now and whatever situation am facing right now…are they what I had precisely planned in my past? If your present life is totally different from what you had planned   its time to realize that our worries about future is absolutely meaningless. The stress of the modern society has reached such an extent that we find so many reasons  not to live but never find a single reason to live perhaps don’t want to find. It is the outcome of habitual negative thinking.

We will consider the dark future with some positive thoughts. Imagine that you are in a totally dark place, let it be in reality or an adventurous game and you cant see anything.  Here my question is..Will you be still in the place where you are standing till the light come or till the day break??? No. We will make an attempt to move forward by stretching  both hands , we will be double careful about each step, we will make sure that the ground is safe before every step,  we will listen to each sound and if everything becomes very difficult fall on the ground and move forward. This is what we do in reality but when the future is dark, stand still and complain. Why cant we make little attempts to move forward keeping the fact in the mind that the world will not be in darkness twenty four hours.  In an Olympics you are in the final of 100 meter race. You know that every one on the track will not win but still you run with a faith that its you who is going to win. Unfortunately you reached the finishing point last. What we have to do in real life is just forget the six or seven members who were on the track and look at the stadium and feel yourself elated as a winner before those thousands of spectators who did not run, who did not get an opportunity to run, and many who cannot run even fifty meters, those handicapped and feel blessed.  We will get enough and more positive energy to move forward if we look at those millions who are less than us in all means instead of looking at those who are ahead and feel low. Those who are ahead should be an inspiration for us not a frustration and in that case you will never feel sad. You are the one who reached your mother’s womb first and in that race you defeated millions , then how can we say that we cant win and feel helpless  looking at the DARK FUTURE.  Be ready for the race of life…don’t GIVE UP.

Thank you for reading…