Irrespective of age lie is basically an outcome of fear and insecurity. There will be fear of punishment, fear of lose and fear of situation. And all these fear occurs when there is no trust and depth in the relationship. Where there is trust there is no lie. Here we can understand very easily why a child lies to others. The child lies when the parent believes that punishment is the only way to correct a child. Every child makes mistakes but there should be a strong bond and trust that he/she can tell about any problem and mistake to the parent. If the child has faith in the parent that his father or mother will have solution to its problem it will come to the parent instantly. But many parents come with punishment than solutions which indirectly inspire the child to hide any of its activities and problems from the parent. The child is not mature enough to convince its parent with its sweet lie and the parent starts thinking why the child lies. It is a reminder to the parent to check your parenting steps. A child who does not share any of its problems and activities with parents will struggle to solve even serious issues later which will put him/her in deep trouble.

The best solution to this problem is to give time to your child, be with the child everyday at least for half an hour, listen to the child encourage good and discourage bad in a sweet way. The innocent child is an open book if it trusts the parent. In the modern society there are parents who go to their work place even before the child gets up from bed and they return late night when the child is fast asleep. The child will be under the care of other family members or servant. In such situation the child sees its parent once in a week or so just like an alien. Even in such situation the parent expect the child to be a perfect individual but they forget the fact that even a special sapling which they plant at home will not grow properly if it is not tended properly with manure and water in time.

Giving time to children will help to develop a bond and trust hence they don’t find the need to speak lie. Be a strong support and guiding force for the child in any of their situations and problems. There after you will never get a chance to worry why the child lie and this habit which you instill will reflect throughout their life.

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