Oh God..How to handle this situation???

Children in the modern society are physically mentally and emotionally weak and there are many reasons for that.  We will consider one by one. Physical weakness is just because of their life style where there is no proper exercise, no physical activities and a very unhealthy food habits.  Modern children become introvert just because they like the company of electronic gadgets.  A child who is made to stand in the class room for ten minutes takes it as a severe punishment but he is asked to stand for ten minutes by a teacher who stands 5 to 6 hours in class rooms.  The physical stamina of the old generation and the present generation has enormous difference. Children in the rural area and those living in dirty streets and slums play in the dirt, mud and rain and remain healthy but if a child from rich family who always sits inside the house and play with toys and electronic gadgets one day play in the rain, next day he will be admitted in some of the hospital. The more we keep ourselves disconnected from nature the more we lose our immunity, health and resistance power.   Mentally and emotionally they become weak because they are never exposed to any problems.  They never take a ‘NO’ from anyone.  The child collapses the moment it hears a NO from anyone.  Even a poor parent thinks that.. “I had faced many problems in life, struggled a lot and I don’t want my child to face anything like that in his/her life”. Very genuine affectionate thought, I agree. But let us think for a while.. Are we not doing a mistake??? How did we become strong???  We know how to solve the problems of life because we faced that, we know the practical approach to life because we experienced that.  How can we expect our children to swim when we do not expose them to water? If we give the child a book to read and learn how to swim and one day we suddenly drop them in water definitely we will have to see the child either struggling in water or drowning. Isn’t it our mistake??? The child is kept comfortably, given anything it demands and never exposed to any problem. Parents solve even the silly problems of the child and to the extreme many parents do the homework and assignments of their children also. Aren’t we destroying the creative impulse of our children and making them weak and dependant???.  An eaglet sits in the nest comfortably and waits for the mother to provide food. The mother knows if it is continued it will sit lifelong in the nest. It will not learn to use its wings. Mother drops the eaglet from high. The eaglet desperately flaps its wings and comes down to the ground. The mother comes and lifts it again and the eaglet is happy that mother came to help but it doesn’t know that the mother is taking it high to drop again. Finally the eaglet learns to fly and becomes strong and independent.  If the birds and animals in nature know this basic lesson, how can we intelligent human ignore this which is essential to make our children strong and self reliant??? My meaning is not to put the children in trouble but let the children know the problems and we shall not solve their problems but help them to solve that. Help them to help themselves.

A child will become this kind of an adult if we don’t give them opportunity,love and care

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  1. Hello Mahipal, Thank you for liking my blog RIDING THE LIGHT.
    I wish to comment on this one, about youth today. I agree with most of your points, especially liking the line “if we don’t expose them to water, how do we expect them to learn to swim?”
    As the children are pulled indoors, away from the earth elements from which they spring, their bodies will weaken. Unfortunately, as their minds connect more with “artificial intelligence”, their own thinking processes will diminish. Certainly, these are sad states for the future as well as the individuals.
    I believe there has been a focused campaign to draw kids in & limit their real-life outward experiences. After all, a complacent child who’s accustomed to getting information & intellectual sustenance from a machine will begin to love the machine as it would its parents, right? And the State loves that! This makes for much more compliant workers!
    We must move to counter this effort by example, by encouragement & by leading them away from the devices. It is far too easy to set up an “electronic babysitter”! I also think parents are becoming more concerned with this phenomena & limiting exposure times. Certainly the whole home-schooling movement in America underlines this effort.
    I look forward to corresponding with you & following your blog. Kudos to you for starting it & getting yourself “out there”!


    1. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time to go through my writing… Am in a process of learning… So i value all your statements immensely… Thank you once again.. I look forward for your suggestions in future also..


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