Suicide tendency???? The biggest folly…


Unable to take the stress of the modern society and life almost everyone….telling frankly, even me…. !!!!!!! thought about this many times. There will be many situations in life which reminds about our limit in this world but everyone comes to this world with a definite purpose which we do even without our knowledge and planning. If we divert from that purpose we will be brought back to the proper channel by God and that process will be bit painful. In such situation, according to me  we have to realize how precious our life is, if not for us for others at least. The continuous negative thinking results in low self esteem and spoils our confidence. In the society you will get so many who will remind you that YOU CANT, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO, YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE,  you are not..Not..Not…. But people who tell you YOU CAN and YOU ARE are very less. You are not what others say unless you accept that. If we go near an elephant and every day and tell that animal “you are not an elephant but you are a cow”. Try this every day for ten years still we will not be successful in making that elephant feel itself a cow. But in our life anyone can make us anything with one word. Isn’t it ridiculous for an intelligent human to behave like that?  The thought of suicide comes when you feel that you have nothing left in the life, this thought comes when you don’t find any opportunity, and you have no opportunity because you have no confidence and self esteem. Lets us think in a different way since many of the suicide cases are not a sudden reaction to some serious situations. Consider a person who commits suicide. He thinks for many days how to finish his life, which is the best and suitable method for him, analyses many options, and finally reaches in a conclusion. Then starts searching for the required things and place for that. Once he made all arrangements waits for a proper opportunity or creates an opportunity. Finds a tall building, cliff or railway track and finally does what he wants successfully.  You can see how much energy he uses to find an opportunity not to live and in my opinion if he had used half of that energy to find an opportunity to live, he would have become something because the world is full of opportunity for anyone who is optimistic. Opportunity never comes to someone who waits for that, it comes to someone who searches and creates that.  We will have one reason not to live but we have hundreds of reasons to live.. Here, I remember a caption which I had read the previous day that “YOU FAIL ONLY WHEN YOU QUIT”

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