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Once upon a time in a remote village a widow lived with her only son. She virtually knew the burden of poverty and was struggling to meet both ends. She worked hard from morning to evening without respite because she did not want her son to experience the hardships of life. She was known in the locality as a lady with one eye. Since she had only one eye even her son despised her and hated her because in his school he was known as the son of the lady with one eye. He took it as an insult and started to hate his mother more. When he went to high school he strictly prohibited his mother from coming to his school for any reason. He did not want to be known as her son. Mother never complained. She loved her son in such a way that all his arrogance and insult she tolerated silently. She continued her hard work and managed to pay the fees of her son without delay. There was an affectionate smile on her face and never showed that she was tired, sad or sick. Years went fast and the son grew up. He completed his studies and got a job abroad. He just said bye to his mother and went abroad. He was least worried about leaving his mother alone and going abroad. She was living just to secure the future of her son and was happy that she did that. He rarely wrote letters to his mother and soon stopped that also. She used to wait for the post man everyday and inquired if there was letter for her. Even the post man started to avoid her and considered her as a senile old lady. She did household works in the neighborhood for her food. The son got married abroad and never came back. She grew old and was sick. She knew that she would not live long and wrote a letter and gave to her neighbor and told to give that to her son if ever he comes. She died and was cremated by the public. One or the other way son came to know that his mother died. His immediate thought was to sell the small plot and hut where his mother lived so that he could get some money. When he came the neighbor handed over the letter which she had written.

It was written. My loving son… even in this last moment of my life I have unconditional love for you. I don’t worry that you did not take care of me. I don’t worry that you hated me as I have only one eye. I wanted to tell you the fact before taking the last breath. When you were just three years old fell accidentally in a bush while playing and lost one eye. Since you were small and had a long journey of life, I thought that you should have both eyes. So I gave my one eye to you because I can tolerate the insult but I don’t want you to face that. I am happy that you are living a good life. I missed you so much….. With love your mother.

He broke down after reading the letter but that was too late to realize his mistake and the unconditional love of his mother.

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We are living in a world where millions of parents are becoming burden for their children. The number of old age homes is increasing day by day. How easily the human forget those parents who sacrificed their life and happiness for their children. The modern children show their arrogance and rude behavior to their mother and no second thought in hurting the feelings of mothers. Many children fail to feel the grace of their mother’s love. The importance of mother is experienced only by the orphans because they look at other children who have parents and envy. As long as our mother is alive we take them for granted and do to them what we like and realize the importance of their presence only in their absence and once they are no more…

There is nothing in this world that can replace the value of our parents and there is none who can love us better than our parents…It is our duty to take care of our parents and LOVE the parents.

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