Observing the situation of women in many countries I thought of taking it as a relevant topic . In the modern world the way their lives, Rights, individuality and even existence are questioned is a matter of grave concern. They are exploited, suppressed and mentally physically harassed in all sphere of their lives. A girl, before reaching the age of ten experiences the black face of the society many times and that gives her a fear of society which will ruin her personality, self confidence and passion for self expression. In many of Indian villages girls are not given proper education and are taught to be a lifelong dependent. When it is a child depend on parents, grown up, depend on husband..Grew old, depend on children.

The insecurity of physical exploitation is limitless. In the society nowhere a girl is safe, in the school afraid of teacher, at home afraid of uncles, cousins and neighbours and to its extreme there is hundreds of example where a girl is not safe even with her own father. How did the humanity become a part of history and a boring topic of the modern generation?

It is really terrible that the entertainment of the modern generation is nothing but violence. If a movie has to be a block buster there should be maximum violence and fight scenes. How did the violence become a brand of entertainment???? Our children are trained for that. If you observe, maximum cartoon channels instill violence in the heart of little ones. There is maximum fight and destruction in many of the cartoons and many other cartoons give wrong messages to children. The all time fun Tom and Jerry which evoked lot of laughter now evokes only contempt. They immediately go for Ben Ten, Power rangers, Bay Blade and so on. It is time to save the remaining humanity of our children by keeping them away from such social Medias but parents have limitation in that also which is the most pathetic aspect of all because  modern children have better knowledge on how to MISUSE social media than parents. Children like to imbibe knowledge from wrong sources. They like a friend who says “today lets bunk the class” than a friend who says ” Today we will conduct a group study”. Every man who violates the rights of women was once a child who was not properly guided. So concentrating on our children and guiding them through right path is the only solution to this issue.

If our children are pulled back from violence and encourage being more humane, there can be perceptible change in the situation. They should be taught to respect women from young stage itself. The lines in the Indian pledge “all Indians are my brothers and sisters” will have some meaning if the children learn to respect the opposite sex. Because if the female who is in trouble is our daughter, sister, mother and wife what will be our feeling and reaction? The same feeling should be brought out in case of every woman who is in trouble.


There should be worldwide campaign to restore the degenerating humanity which will make the life of our sisters more smooth, happy and safe. Just because Droupadi was insulted and molested there was Mahabharatha (Epic) where millions were killed. In the present society there are millions of such Droupadis but there is no repetition of Mahabharatha. It is the moral responsibility of each and every man to protect the dignity of women.

Thank you for reading…