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Dream is a strong expectation about what should happen in the future.

According to APJ Abdul Kalam “dream is not what you see while sleeping but that should be something that doesn’t allow you to sleep”. Everyone has dreams about almost everything in their life.  We have dreams about education, profession, financial status, comfortable and luxurious life, friends, family, and children and even about grand children. So till the last moment of life dreams of an individual are unlimited. We focus on many dreams at the same time and that does not lead us to any dream finally. We are always taught by teachers, parents and elders to focus the highest. Imagine a boy standing at the bottom of a big mango tree with full of mangoes with some small stones in his hand (mango tree is the world with full of opportunity) He is asked by everyone to focus on the mango which is in the maximum height and throw stones. The child takes the entire pressure that it should get that mango down with the limited number of stones in his hand. In this situation the chance of achieving his goal is very less and since the height of that dream gives more pressure which makes the child unable to focus clearly, he has the fear of failure and finally that fear becomes a fact. Friends…if the purpose is to get mango the child could have been asked to get as many mangoes from the bottom branch even without throwing stones, there were some which he could have plucked with his hands. Here the conclusion of this failure is to find someone responsible for  it. The child blames teachers, teachers blame parents and parents blame the society and the society blames the child. If I forget my personal dream and chase the dream of others I will never be happy. Any dream which we focus should be in our reach and there is nothing impossible for human being other than giving life to a dead body, the only thing which God has kept under His power. If you look at the top floor of a sky scraper and decide to take the stair case to reach there, you can’t skip any of the floors. Though our focus is the top floor, that dream should be chased in a gradual process with patience. Then the success is ours. “Rome is not built in a single day” is a famous quotation.

In this rapid moving modern world we want result immediately and that gives us more stress and we easily admit failure. After planting a sapling next day early morning if we go to see if there is any fruit on that, doesn’t make sense right? Then how can we do that with our life and dreams. My brother when he was a child liked rose flowers and plants. He used to plant rose stems in the soil but once in every two days he used to lift that slowly to see if the new roots started to come and within one week that stem dried. Being a child he was doing this mistake with plants and being grown up we do this mistake of impatience with our life. Everything in this nature has different time procedure to produce fruits. Banana can be produced in ten months but coconuts cannot be expected in ten months. We cant expect jack fruit throughout the year. A woman takes nine months and some days to give birth to a child but the elephant takes 18 -22 months. Neither the elephant can expect in 9 months nor the woman will take 22 months. If everything in this world is beautifully designed and planned by God The supreme Engineer, how do we think that he has not planned anything for us?. It is just because we are elephant who expect a baby in 9 months.

Your dream should make you happy…  Not sad

Your dream should make you enthusiastic… Not distressed

Your dream should make you inspired… Not rejected

Your dream should make you strong…Not weak

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Don’t live the life just like a log piece in the river. It goes where the water flows..it has no choice neither want choice and it allows itself to be drifted by the water, it has no purpose and finally reaches in the ocean if not blocked anywhere, if blocked it perishes there…Many lives are going like this. We give the key of our happiness in the hands of someone always. We believe that it is the duty of someone else to make us happy. But the actual happiness is within us and it is not others who make us happy or unhappy, it is our own decision. Be happy with whatever you are, whatever you have and wherever you are. Realizing about a wrong step will lead you forward but regretting about the wrong step will hold you there.

Thank you for reading….Wish you all the best.


  1. Thank you so much for the the comments and appreciation..Am really happy that you liked my simple philosophy…I will appreciate a critical analysis also so that I can improve..Thank you once again…


  2. Mahipal, i’d say great efforts with this blog. But again i ask dont you think unless and until a child is pushed to aim for the highest he’ll settle for the low. Every thing needs a push to move ahead. The same unless i wake up every morning and push my son a little to little to overcome his fears he’ll remain fearful. It isnt wrong to have more than a million dreams but its right as long as you learn to prioritize it. It is also true when we learn that our dreams are hard to achieve we tend to think of ourselves as failures and thats the wrong attitude. And so its hillarious the way you spoke of humans behaving like elephants expecting a baby in 9 months. Theres also a thin line between dreaming and overexpecting. Dreams are built out of expectations. Sometimes for the sake of it we involve too much. In the modern world theres a different bravery in quitting and finding another dream to chase. I simply believe a man should never settle for anything less deserving than what he desires. You tell me if you unconditionally dreamt of something or loved something or someone and fought for it, like aiming at the highest mangoes. Would you give up and let go when things get hard like the log that flows away or are you the one who fights for who or what they love because you know its worth it? In simple words would you quit your dream, love or ambition when things fall apart or would you fight for it during failures and hardships?


    1. Thank you so much for inspiring me to think again and again on the topic i write. Every writer will have personal touch to his writing and so me too. I learnt many things in its absence. I wrote we should not live just like a log drifted in the river because from my life being myself such a log piece i realized its futility. The life which does not take us anywhere. Frankly telling personal I really had no much dreams and in fact was not in a situation to dream. I took many years to establish myself to a position where I can start dreaming. Right now I can tell you confidently that i won’t give up my present dream. I am well versed in failure and hardships and that gives me strength to write such simple philosophy and whatever I write I firmly keep in my life also. Thank you once again..I expect more comments..

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    2. Chris here! Since you’ve replied really well. I’d say your blog inspires me to dream more than the extent. And lifes wonderful that way. You seem to be very firm with your dream. Is blogging your dream? You know you could always write a book too if thats what you’d think you’ll be good at. Im glad you dont want to persist being that log anymore. You might’ve had a great change or a drastic occurance to bring forth such positivity in life. Your philosophy being simple is very sharp. Hope you accomplish all that you look for mahipal.


    3. Hi Chris. Thank you so much for the inspiring words. You have assumed perfectly that right now blogging is taken seriously and it is a dream which i am not going to leave. When I have such encouraging and inspiring people like you with me, there is no need of a second thought about my present journey of blogging. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blessings and well wishes..


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