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Love is a sweet dish which everyone wants to enjoy without any limit. The appetite for this sweet dish is never satisfied. The more you serve the more will be its demand. The greatest truth is that we can cook this dish unlimited. Since I have compared love to a sweet dish imagine if it is not served what is the benefit. If you don’t allow others to taste it how will others know if it is sweet or spicy? But at the same time everyone knows that it is sweet and crave for that from childhood to death. We know that a milky bar chocolate will never be spicy but are we satisfied with that knowledge or do we prefer to taste that?. Definitely everyone wants to relish the taste of it.

In many household (there might be contradictory opinion in the modern family) father acts as a military commander, very strict and always with a serious face. But the wife says “However I know that you love the children very much” and he accepts that with a smile. What is the use of such love which is not expressed? How the children will know the taste of sweet love at home? This is the main reason many children in their early teenage only fall in love without any mature thinking. They feel the expressed love absolutely amazing and will crave for that. Such parents take an excuse that if they express their love the children will be spoilt. But in fact we cannot spoil anyone with love but can spoil someone with hatred. The children who tasted the depth of sweet love will be far better than the children who have mere knowledge of its taste but never tasted. The emotional, spiritual and mental development of children will be boosted if they taste the true love at home. Even the grandparents who are actually grown up kids also prefer for a word of care, concern and love from their children and grandchildren. A few words like “how are you grandpa?, Love you grandma” will give them a very good energy and smile on face. If the grandmother asks son if he would get some tablets in the evening, son will rudely say that “I can’t, I am busy today, I will be late, Let me see, if I remember tomorrow I will get”. But he really cares and without forgetting he brings in the evening as a surprise for grandma. Actually because of son’s reaction in the morning, till evening she might have worried and imagined a lot of things. This lack of expression is of no use even if you really care about someone. If he had said “Of course I will get grandma”, she would have become happy. I will give a personal touch for better effect. When I was in the sixth standard there was a two days tour from the school and almost everyone had already given name. I told my father that I also want to go and he immediately said “no need to go, you concentrate in studies”. One more week time was there for the tour. Whole week I was so much worried and insulted when teacher and other students regularly asked why I am not coming. When there was only one day remaining, I was studying in the evening with a heavy heart and my father came near and with a serious face told “tomorrow morning take money and go, join the tour”. In fact that moment gave me inexplicable happiness but what about the one week of pain and stress? Now I smile at that cute love of father.

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Heart is a small organ but so spacious that you can give space to thousands of people in that comfortably. Great people like Mother Teresa are a vivid example for that. But in the modern world heart is so congested that if we count the number of people within that we will be prompted to think why so less?????? There are many instances that after marriage even parents will have to go out of that. According to me selfishness and intolerance is the basic reason for such small hearts. Either a person prefers to narrow heart or forced to be so. However it has badly affected the family and social relationships. Since heart is too small to maintain relationships modern man invented mobile phone which helps the heart by storing thousands of relationships in that using face book, whats app, twitter, Instagram and so on. But this modern gadget makes people far near you and people near far. So let us try and pray that LOVE should not be a topic of study for the next generation. Let us start expressing the sweet love so that whoever near us will not search and crave for that outside the family which take many children in wrong route and fall in trouble.


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