Everyone is in a hurry, all are busy, even the person going to get a packet of biscuits from the nearest shop will try to overtake an ambulance because what if the biscuits become out of stock. Take the key of your car or bike and enter into the world of new kurukshetra which is a fun now and those having fun not only plays with their lives but with the lives of others as well. Mobile phone became a best help for us humans but vehicles became a best help for YAMA ( the god of death) because it made his work more easy. People struggle to get visitors to their blog site but Yama is tension free because traffic to his site is thousands in a day and a big salute to all crazy drivers on behalf of Yama. We forget how important every life is. Because of our mistake a person die on road, think about his family, children and all his dependents. What if he is the sole bread winner of a family?? Life is a race I agree but driving is not a race. Everyone wants to be first on road and the moment you see one vehicle ahead some unknown inspiration to overtake that and once you overtook, yourself feel as a winner and you defeated someone.

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Everyone considers road as their personal property and goes on shouting at others. When we drive the most amazing thing is that we find all others committing mistakes, rash driving, and mainly not giving you way. If anything happens, see the pic above and that will be the situation for one hour. They don’t mind blocking the entire traffic as they want a big audience to see their performance. There might be emergency and even an ambulance in that block but the person who was out for a packet of biscuit will never bother because his emergency is greater than the value of the life of a person inside the ambulance in the block.  Where is the tolerance, mutual understanding and co operation of human. Human being is a social animal. But now people stopped being social and in that way only the last word of that caption remains now,”ANIMAL”.

We will have some fun….

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See the pic above…The only majestic vehicle which take a turn to the right side with left side indicator. They can enter any busy road or highway from any corner suddenly and it is your duty to be careful. Seeing their indicator don’t imagine they will take a turn…sorry that fellow is roaming with that indicator from morning..So busy..people forget..you adjust….

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The person who is inside the car is imagining that she is the real wonder woman and that movie was an inspiration from her. She is practicing because ‘Fast and Furious 10,11,12,13’ she has got contract. However this kind of a driving is a real fun right????

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This person is practicing to go to moon and how to manage with the less gravity of moon or else he is an astronaut who recently came back from space shuttle. Whatever he got a wonderful opportunity to fly in the air. If we are also a reckless driver somewhere we also will get an opportunity like him..So don’t be jealous on this fellow.

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The moment this person goes out immediately remembers the sweet love of his wife and he miss her a lot….or girlfriend????????..see the smile.. But when he was at home he had nothing to say. Using phone while driving is a suicide attempt. Just for a fun a negative thought……the person who called him while driving was waiting to see him committing suicide and lost hope. So thought of calling him while driving..If you call someone who is driving and something happened you are indirectly a murderer.

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This person was crazy about moving restaurant from child hood and even now prefers to eat while moving fast…hope there is toilet also in his car. It is the mistake of the child who came on road…because uncle is having food and the car has no commonsense to save the child.

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“Run for your dear life, That is a scientist inventing flying cars for future”……….

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This fellow from child hood onward was crazy about two wheeler but his father gave him a four wheel…Its OK….He knows how to satisfy his craze. Only problem is that since there is no bush near and around someone is sitting in the middle of the road for….?????????. OK.. he did not watch the movie of Akshay Kumar ‘Toilet’ so forget him…

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This is the way you have to park your car in future..it will save space but no guarantee that it will save life..

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Ok..now open challenge…Identify the company of this car..Prize..you will get a BMW if the answer is correct… The driver of this car might be sitting next to Yama and wondering how and when all these happened??????

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Somewhere I had seen a funny competition called Bump Fight”, These fellows are bit modern. So they are playing bump fight with their cars.

Dear friends in all these incidents there are precious lives which were risked. The father of someone, mother of someone,child of someone, wife of someone, brother of someone, sister of someone, grandfather and grandmother of someone…just think if that someone is us.. how do we feel???. Follow the answer of your heart….

Thank you for reading….