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Laughter which is considered as the best exercise and the best and cheap solution for many of our mental and physical problem has become very expensive now!!!!!. People forget to laugh more over they don’t have clear idea when to laugh? Where to laugh? Why to laugh and how to laugh? If we take all these questions seriously we can see that sometimes we are also confused. Modern society considers a hearty laughter as an uncultured misbehavior of an uncivilized and uneducated person?

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There was a time of our grandparents who could enjoy even a silly joke and violently laughed with a full body shake and some even rolling on the ground. Laugh and collapse. But now people have become very serious that they lost the capacity of realizing and responding to a joke because from childhood onward they are trained convincing that a loud laughter is lack of commonsense. If we laugh, it should not be heard in the next house. Those who are living in the flat and small apartments this is a Himalayan task. Loud laughter gave way to the suppressed laughter by covering the mouth. The modern society reached the extreme stage that whenever there is an opportunity to laugh they say LOL.. (Laugh out loudly). The aged people who do not find an opportunity to laugh in life is desperately searching for some laughing club where they could imitate the guide who says HA HA HA… Here a normal monkey reaction happens, not real laughter. A real hearty laughter is contagious and those around in your company also will start laughing, some even without knowing the fact why all are laughing…

A good laughter has lot of beneficial facts behind, it increases the blood circulation, helps heart, helps mental relaxation and thus many of our sickness like blood pressure and stress can be effectively controlled. A person who smiles and laughs is always welcomed by others than a serious gloomy character. Who likes to be in the company of a person with a serious King Kong look??? We should be like small kids who actually requires no reason to laugh..but even a solid reason won’t bring smile on our face.

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If we ask others a simple question “Do you remember when you had a hearty and loud laughter last time?”, They will start scratching head to crack that unique date from the history. Every day we can laugh and every hour we can laugh if we have a free heart and open mind. Laugh and make others laugh should be our thought for the day and keep throughout life. Even Charley Chaplin who made the entire world laugh had written “ I would like to walk in the rain so that others will never see my tears”. So sadness is a part of everyone’s life but sadness should not kill the moment of happiness. Share happiness with others, not sadness. We should learn to laugh loudly but what to do?????? We are unfortunately in the age of emoticons.

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  1. Thank you so much for the appreciation and you are in fact an inspiration for me. You never forget to come with your valuable suggestion and appreciation. I really like dolphin a lot and someone calls me dolphin which makes me happy..sharing sorrow is relaxing, I agree. I am happy with this laugh mate. once again thank you for the comment.

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