“The taste of the variety of food let it be even chutney, my grandmother was extraordinary and that taste is still in my soul”. I think even my reader might have made this statement somewhere in life because in this modern world tasty homely food became a part of history. Moreover nowadays none is much worried about taste at home. Make something (don’t know which thing, but finally it becomes something) have that and go. Let me introduce why I can write something about it. We were three boys at home and I am the last one. I don’t know exactly when why but I became an assistant of my mother in kitchen. Initially that was a forceful duty and later I started to like that. Why I hated initially was that I could not tolerate the two free souls, my brothers, when I was busy in the kitchen. But now from the bottom of my heart a loving hug of gratitude to my mother who made me good in almost every south Indian dishes. My partner is also very good in different dishes including Chinese. So am writing about a normal observation.

Being a teacher I used to ask my students who were above sixteen about their experience in kitchen when there was related topic. The most amazing fact is that when a person gets up and say “ I know how to make Maggie”. Everyone looks at that person as if he is the winner of master chef. The most difficult recipe which they know, Just to boil whatever is in the packet together and eat. I asked do you know how to make tea. It was really funny. She started explaining..put tea powder and sugar……I asked where is water are you frying tea powder and sugar..Ok then take required water..add milk and after some time tea ready….I told her that she did not switch on stove and how did she make tea without heating that???. So finally it was a funny experience. So they are not able to give a detailed explanation of a simple process essential for life but busy by hearting the difficult and complex process and solutions of physics, chemistry, biology and maths… Dear reader this is not a criticism but a topic of concern.  How do our children become like that??? Answer simple we make them like that??

Every parent who is concerned about their child make a statement whenever they come to the kitchen, “You want something to eat?? Or else you go and study, go..go.. now I will manage everything”.   So a girl is a student till the age of 22 to 24 and this is the way she is cared by the loving mother and after 24 she becomes a wife and a different life. And in that life her menu cannot be chemistry, physics, biology, maths, history or sociology. If they start eating dry bread toast every day, soon that relationship also will be like that dry toast something they don’t want to see.


Right now we can feel it as a serious issue. Boys usually don’t go to the kitchen and if girls also come in the same track how can there be a peaceful family life? So easy way is getting parcel from some hotel, but how long???? Continuous intake of outside food affects the health and affects relationship. “There was a saying that the heart of a man can be won through his stomach”. Tasty family food which is eaten together is an integral part of a good family relationship which enhances the bond. Kitchen is the most important place of a family. Our children should be inspired to like the work in the kitchen and to be self reliant. Modern girls hate the work in the kitchen. They have less patience to do the same work which is boring. The intention of cooking has become a just filling the stomach than a field of sharing love. So it becomes a burden. If we take our grandmother and mother, without much home appliances they worked almost whole day in the kitchen, still they had patience, and no grievance. They get up early in the morning, make breakfast, that is finished, make lunch, that is finished, make snacks for evening, that is over then make dinner and after serving that wash plates do other works and sleep by 11 in the night. Next day same thing repeats and throughout life. If we think a moment about this ceaseless work we find it is boring and meaningless but if we think about the holy purpose of this work we can find it interesting.   Now people with all modern facilities don’t like to spend even one hour in the kitchen. This is not just the responsibility of girls. According to me in this modern society both girls and boys should be equally trained in kitchen work. Anyone who thinks that boys can’t cook, take a visit to the kitchen of any of the biggest hotel where you enjoy food and praise the food so much and find how many girls are cooking there. You will be amazed to see the fact. So my dear friends don’t allow the boys to escape saying that they don’t know to cook… At home irrespective of boys and girls, enough opportunity should be given to experience the kitchen work. Finally we are all working with a basic purpose of filling the stomach and if we hate that work all other works becomes meaningless.

I hope for a society where everyone becomes independent in this field and take parcel food only in unavoidable situations, be health conscious and protect the health of your body and relationships.

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Thank you for reading….