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We are living in a world where everyone expects everything to be perfect though it is a commodity or relationship. I expect everything with me and everyone with me to be perfect or else I find it difficult to accept. If it is a thing I would reject and if it is relationship I would struggle to mend it. But in all these process I have uncompromising attitude to be accepted by others the way I am, with all my good and bad attitudes. This is the point I actually go wrong and ignore. If I go to purchase a utensil I want the best one and after selecting one I would search for any scratch, dent or anything wrong with that. Even if there is a small scratch I reject that. But I want people to accept me with all my scratches and dents in my character, personality and life. And if they don’t accept I blame them, I feel hurt, I make an essay of negative thoughts and permanently live in that. I want people to come near me and make friendship with me but when I see them ignoring me I feel sad. There are many things I realize now that lack of perfection might be the route cause for rejection.

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When I went to a wedding banquet, there were so many people who were searching for an empty chair where they can sit comfortably, relax and have food. There was an empty chair but all those who come near it go forward in search of another one. I just observed the reason for that. There was a small drop curry and a spot of ice cream on the chair. It might be used by a careless person or a kid previously who left that chair with these problems.( a deep thought how a person becomes imperfect). (Everyone has got this curry and ice cream in their plate but could not tolerate a drop of it somewhere else…a paradoxical thought). Who wants to dirty their dress in the company of that chair? That was the point where I realized why there is less acceptance for me too. There might be something that people doesn’t like in me. So we should strive to be what others like, our attitudes, talks, mannerism, life style, education and total perfection though not possible. So wherever am rejected, I have to think why and correct that. Though we can never become perfect, making an attempt for that will help a lot.

Finally after nearly half an hour an old person, not well dressed came with a plate in his hand and slowly sat on that chair ignoring its imperfections. Finally the chair got someone who accepted that and the old man is not worried whether his dress will be dirty or he is least bothered in finding the imperfection of that chair which will help him to relax. Everyone was with a one or two napkin in their hand and I didn’t see anyone, even in their desperate search for a chair making an attempt to clean those drop of curry and ice cream and sit on that chair. We can’t expect people to correct us and accept us. Correction should be done by ourselves and then automatically we will find acceptance.

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