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Sometimes I hear people looking at the couple during the wedding ceremony making this statement, “they are indeed made for each other”. This makes me little curious what do they consider prior to making this statement. Answer is clear, their external appearance, their face cut, their height, fat or slim, education, family status, religious status, social status, financial status and so on.. But considering those two individuals who entered in to a new life together are these topics relevant enough to take them as a MADE FOR EACH OTHER couple???? In fact what the society took as criteria to judge the couple is just trivial.

In my opinion, perhaps the reader may disagree, there is no couple in this world who are made for each other but they MADE THEMSELVES FOR EACH OTHER after their marriage. Those who fail to make themselves for each other prefer to split. Make ourselves for each other is a wide topic. Every individual is unique and with their own tastes and preferences. When two unique individuals unite there will be hundreds of differences which grin at their relationship. Adjustments and compromising from both individual is essential for the better family life. Finally they make themselves for each other and after doing this we can see a couple “MADE FOR EACH OTHER”. Compromising and adjusting will be hard in the initial stage but it becomes a part of our life later. I learn to like what my wife likes and she learns to like what I like. While going to a party I selected a black dress and she took a navy blue shirt and told me to wear that. Finally it is not me who has to judge how I look like; it is the opinion of others, so she won’t go wrong. In the party someone said “wow nice dress”, she raised her eyebrows twice to ask me how is her selection. She feels proud and I have to be proud that I have her in my life.

There was an astrologer and a young man came to him to ask about his future. The astrologer told him that he will have a very tough time till the age of 35. He will have to face all the problems and adversities and struggle a lot to make up with that. The young man became bit sad hearing that but suddenly his face lit up and asked eagerly. So after 35 I will have a good life? The astrologer answered, NO…. after 35 you will be habituated with that life. The tough time of the young man started immediately after hearing that statement. It is a simple funny example.

“But in life whatever adjustments and compromises we make out of true love will become our habit” and that makes a couple really made for each other. What we really miss in our modern world is the romantic smile of people without teeth and with grey hair. Only people made for each other reach that stage.

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  1. Well said. All things and people need nourishment and to be nourished. This is a beautiful post😊 Thanks for sharing.


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