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We will consider the statements of an ordinary unsuccessful individual perhaps applicable to millions of people. “I don’t have time for anything” Where is time for enjoyments, leisure, reading, to be with family, doing works, minding inevitable responsibilities and so on but they always complain why nothing in their life improve. They never think what they are doing with the precious time given to them by God. Are they making use of it or taking it lightly. Every lazy person has a wonderful excuse of TOMORROW which never comes in their life. “What we think of doing tomorrow, do it today and what we are thinking of doing today do it now”.

A person who is unsuccessful and cries that he has not time is like a person who sits in front of food and cries about his hunger. Time is decided by the mood and interest of every person. If you sit in a boring class one hour will seem like three hours and if you are watching an interesting movie three hours will go like fifteen minutes. If you are waiting for your loved one time goes very slowly and when you talk with your loved one time goes fast. When you are sad time is slow and when you are happy time is fast. A person who knows every answer of the questions will find three hours of examination insufficient but a person who doesn’t know the answers three hours examination will be like 24 hours meditation. A lecturer who is giving a boring lecture looks at his watch every five minutes and a lecturer who is involved in the topic and class will be restless when hears the bell. Time is very precious when we are waiting for others and time valueless when others are waiting for us. So finally time is not decided by clock, it is decided by the mood, attitude and interest of the individual.

In relationship, time is the best investment which will give you hundred fold guaranteed return.

Whether we become successful or unsuccessful is the complete outcome how did we use the time given to us. There are millions of successful and great people and more than that unsuccessful and unimportant ordinary individuals struggling with life. One thing we have to think over again and again is that those great people like Abraham Lincoln, Bill gates, Jack Ma, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi  have 24 hours in a day 7 days in a week, 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year… same like us. They did not get the special privilege of 450 days in a year. How did they use the time in their life brought the entire difference. Opportunity will not fall into the lap of lazy people. So we have to think twice before complaining that we have no time.

It depends upon the commonsense and maturity of a person with which he uses his time. For example, two poor persons were 100 dollar each. One went and bought a nice shoe which he was dreaming since many years and the other one bought 20kg rice which was enough for his family for one month. The next day there was a knock on the door of the second person and to his surprise that was the first person who came to ask little rice for that day. What we have to think is, are we the first person or second person while dealing with the resource of time given to us equally by God. Those who invest their time fruitfully will become successful and those who waste their time will go and wait for the concern of those successful people and work lifelong under them. There you will be forced to use your time for them or else you will be fired. There you take more tension and stress because you are not comfortable with that way of using time. So every now and then change the job trying to find where you can use your time the way comfortable for you and at the same time earn something to live. Isn’t it a strange human tendency that we find everywhere in the society?????. A one hour emergency work will be taken lightly and kept aside thinking that can be finished in just one hour and finally the person will have to struggle to finish that work in fifteen minutes and the work is either incomplete or imperfect.

Many people have mastered the art of “being busy doing nothing” which is the curse of the society.

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