Mind is the most important factor which we have to keep clean and healthy in our life. A weak and imbalanced mind makes everything else in the life meaningless. Our material richness, physical health, social relationships, career and family relationships will be directly affected if we do not have a healthy and balanced mind set. That is the reason in the modern stressful life meditation, yoga and mental exercises are inevitable to lead a happy life. Mind will be always working on some thoughts and the worst matter is that the mind of majority will be running like a mad horse. For example a person started to think about morning breakfast and thought what to make, which vegetable to use, from where vegetable comes, thought about the farmers, their financial security, about government, thought about beautiful farms, thought about beautiful place, thought about a foreign tour, thought about Switzerland and right now the person is enjoying his holiday in beautiful snowy location. What we have to observe is that all these thoughts happened in less than five seconds. He started with his breakfast and reached Switzerland in five seconds. Example may be funny but this is what happens with the mind control and focus of the majority. Mind is always searching for something better which gives more happiness. People take happiness from imagination. Though he did not go to Switzerland, he could take some happiness in that thought. In this process of finding happiness there will be always a trial and error system in the mind and that happens in a fraction of second.

The next bad habit of mind is to force you to think what you do not want to think. The more you try to avoid a thought the more frequently that will come to your mind. Sad experiences, humiliations, insults, arguments, failures, loss, people whom you don’t like, work which you hate, your weakness and your incapability are the factors that use the maximum energy of your mind. Psychologically thinking about these factors is good only if they yield positive results. If thinking about your weakness makes you weaker, better not to think. But if that inspires to be strong, the thoughts about your weakness are good. If thoughts about negatives have to yield positive results we should have a healthy and balanced mind. Majority think about their sadness and become sadder which is the saddest part of life.

Now the thought in my mind is how to saddle the mad horse (mind) and bring under control????? I will be happy if my readers come with your valuable suggestions which will help me to learn more.

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Thank you for reading….Love you all….