Will power is very important in achieving any goal you set n your life and that is something the modern children do not have. Children did whatever told by the elders, went to the school where they are taken, ate the food which was given, studied the subjects taught by others, went to a college where they got admission (not getting admission in the college where they want), completed the course which others said is good and now free in life, to face the odds and adversities of life but all those others who were leading him and whose life he was living without his knowledge are not with him. He never lived his life for him and for his own happiness and he had no personal aim. He had blind faith in those others that whatever he wants they will give and whatever they decide in his life will be good. He absolutely forgot to live his life for him. In such situation how can that person to be bold, courageous, capable, talented, self reliant and develop strong will power??????. There are some simple steps to regain our will power.

  1. Every time you have to do something you don’t want to do, every time you feel under an obligation, take some time to think and find the reasons why you want to do whatever it is you think you should do. There are always reasons why you want to do something. If you don’t find a reason better you don’t do that. Ask yourself the question ‘why”.
  2. Define what you want precisely rather than in general terms: what? When? Where? How? You should think about these questions only if you got the answer of Why.
  3. It would be futile to mobilize your willpower if what you want is impossible. Knowing yourself and your capabilities and also generating confidence in those abilities are essential stages in the process of getting what you want. Ask yourself ‘Can I do this?’ and try to feel the answer in the depth of your being. A yes or No will condition your future commitment.
  4. Before committing yourself to a voluntary act ask yourself one last question “Am I really sincere?” There may be hundreds of reasons for undertaking something that you really don’t want to do. Pleasing someone else, keeping up appearances, trying to be perfect and so on. Answering the question “Am I really sincere?” will prevent you from doing things for the wrong reason.
  5. Start your day with some simple voluntary actions and routines which you are interested in.
  6. Finally set goals for yourself and use the same process to achieve them.

Thank you for reading…