Hurdles in life.

When the life shows a slow down, it becomes difficult to adjust with that. The life is not just a bed of roses is reality but accepting this reality is too hard and that makes the life harder. While driving there are signals which shows the hump ahead and that is a reminder to slow down the speed. If we ignore these signals definitely will have to face the consequence. When there is a hump or speed breaker many of the drivers feel irritated but never think about the purpose of that hump. Authorities will not make such speed breakers or hump for fun or to simply irritate the drivers but with a definite purpose and for the safety and well being of both the drivers and others.

In the journey of life the sole authority is God and if he makes regulations and poses humps and hurdles in life we have to understand the fact with same thinking that there is some reason for that. Man proposes and God disposes is really meaningful. We make a number of plans in life and wishes that life should go in that track only but it goes always in the track decided by God. We do not complain about anything that happen in life only if we have faith in God and those who complain about everything are those who do not have faith in Him and believe themselves better in planning and executing ideas than God. If we analyse our life hundred percentage what happens is not what we planned. We drive ahead when the road is visible and not sure about the road and its condition ahead. So in any situation of life trust that there is a way ahead. One of my friend sent a good caption yesterday that a honey bee does not worry when the honey is taken away by man frequently because it believes that man can take only the honey made by it not its art of making honey. But we human in place of honey bee immediately stop our effort with the very first blow in life. Even the lesson Alexander learnt from the spider is also relevant. When he was almost defeated in war he hid himself in a cave where he observed a spider making its web. From one rock to the near by rock the spider jumped so many times without admitting failure and finally after hundreds of attempts the spider was able to reach the rock on the other side and made its web successfully. The struggle in life is not just a part of our life but every living being in this nature has its own way of struggling for survival but only human complains others animals and creatures neither complain nor admit failure until death. There are many lessons we can learn from honey bee, beetle,ant, butterfly, firefly and many other animals which are real inspiration for modern man to deal with the hardships of life.