A change in life..painful..but everything for good.

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Let’s never give in,

To neither complaints nor fear.

With our eyes on our goals,

The right direction we steer.


No matter the circumstances,

With great effort we should always try.

We must pick ourselves up,

When we get bruised and we cry.


Opportunities are plentiful,

Let’s just open our eyes.

Our dreams we shall nurture,

As we stare to the skies.


The trick is to create value,

That’s honest and real.

By following our passions,

In our hearts we shall feel.


If we never hold back,

And just give it our all.

No challenge or obstacle,

Shall ever be tall.


Every change in life is really a painful process where we feel many times to admit failure. But once we try to realize that admitting failure in short term is the worst part of our life’s decision we get inspiration from many things. If a child has to come to the world and until it becomes self reliant there are lot of painful sacrifices a mother enjoys with happiness. The thought about the nine months pregnancy and painful delivery will not dissuade women from becoming a mother. All the sacrifices she makes never put the question ‘WHY’ in front of her. Being a man I would like to admit frankly that if we have ten percentages of that patience and sacrificing mentality we will never fail in any of our attempts. Life will be successful. Finally success in life is those memories that make you smile.

Whatever I am writing is absolutely about myself and I am not judging the entire male society. The process of change that happened in my life recently was bit painful but right now am very happy that everything happens for good. The crisis that happened in my life put an end to my profession which I have been doing since fourteen years. That moment the thought what next was the maximum tormenting nightmare for me, though I am not in a situation of total helplessness and starvation. A man should never sit idle is what I believe. There were no options and alternatives but when I observed the way things worked in my favour, I was really amazed. Right now I have landed properly in a safe situation with peace and happiness. In the initial stage I slightly lost patience but everything became fine in a matter of three months. And I thank God for the favour and blessing. He knows that if he did not take me out of that profession I will live and die as an unsuccessful person. Being a teacher with less salary is not a proper field of work for men and this is a fact I realized with fourteen years. After working fourteen years still I am what I was before fourteen years especially regarding financial status, earning and savings from that profession. So it is the best decision of God in my life that brought a change in my track.  Teaching is the Holy profession as teachers do what god can’t do directly to human. They are instruments in the hands of God to carry out His plans of moulding fruitful citizen from innocent children. So I am not against this profession, still I like this field because nothing else gives me as much happiness when am with those little innocent minds. But a change became a must in life. Once again I thank God for everything He plans for me.


Thank you for reading…love you all…..