The expression of religious and spiritual values of the elders is not strong enough to convince the next generation about its importance in their life. Everyone is in one or the other religion and that was of course the choice of the family in which they are born. But once we take a religion and its doctrines as the fundamentals of our life, it is our sole responsibility to maintain that in our life and also to pass that to the next generation with equal strength.

Unfortunately many of the religious places, worshiping places and shrines have become just a picnic spot or time pass zone. When the elders and parents behave like that how can we expect the next generation to be highly religious. Father ask the child to pray before going to bed but the child never see him doing that. With silly reasons and even in the name of a movie or chatting with friends we skip a family prayer session which is essential to keep the bond of the family strongly. Just half an hour prayer and supper together has unimaginable role in maintaining a disciplined strong relationship of family members. Going to church every Sunday is a boring routine for the new generation. Many go just thinking what others will think if I don’t go. So for the sake of others go to church and sit in a corner and check mobile every five minutes in front of kids and give an excuse to the inquisitive kids that he is checking whether he received any message from God, chat with friends in a low voice, yawn hundred times and finally sleep. Celebrate the festival with friends and family with variety of food, sweets, special non veg dishes and in addition whiskey, brandy and vodka. Then expect God to shower only blessings on everyone.

Going to temple is not compulsory so people go whenever they feel like going. But even here people are in a picnic mood. Go to distant temple enjoy the journey, admire the skill of those made the structures and statues, go everywhere and just spend some time there, have food and come back. Religious festivals are just a celebration of fun, entertainment and enjoyment. How many different shops are there, how many variety of toys, fancy stuff which attract ladies, sweets and games zone for men and total fun. So spend ten minutes in the temple and five hours in other fun filled activities. God is the most rejected aspect in any of the religious festivals. Still we wonder with index finger on nose…how the hell our kids have no religious values????.  The new generation is observing these religious values and they instantly find that all these are meaningless. Thereafter it is not easy to convince anyone about the religious values.


This is the only thing effective to instill some religious values to our children. Even if we don’t give any property to our children the three most important aspects which we have to give them are Proper food, proper education and proper values.


This post is little bit criticism but my reader can’t reject the fact because I write experience and observation not assumption. I like frank expression.

Thank you for reading..Love you all..


  1. //it is our sole responsibility to maintain that in our life and also to pass that to the next generation with equal strength.//
    So you mean, if we are wrong , we should force our kids to follow wrong path too. Will it not be better to give them freedom to choose and learn what they feel right?


    1. Hii.. I would like to take your statement meaningfully.. IF WE ARE WRONG. This is a realization of our wrong paths and once we realize we are wrong we will not ask others to do that. But considering religious values and morality all religion give right teaching.. There is actually no religion that gives wrong teaching.. But people are wrong.. So if we know it is right why cant we lead our children in that way.. Moreover which religion gives liberty to choose your faith as we like.. In that case we should wait for our children to be adults and then ask their priority… Thank you for the comment..

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