A solved rubiks cube does not give any happiness but scrambled rubiks cube will surly tempt everyone to give a try to solve it. Once we become successful in that we get the real pleasure. So in order to take that pleasure we again scramble the cube. We scramble that just to solve it. A life like a solved rubiks cube is boring. So we need some problem to solve in life. God knows that and we get problems one by one. The moment we solve one another is ready for us. Just like a rubiks cube we go on solving but fate scramble that and give in our hand.

Before some months i didn’t know how to solve a rubiks cube. I asked many who could do that but to my surprise none was ready to tell the formula. Perhaps they do not want me to learn that. World is like that. People enjoy your problems but those coming with a solution for your problem is something we cant expect. So i started to search for a method to unscramble a rubiks cube. One person told me that there are many ways to solve that. The method he finds easy may not work for me so i have to find a method easy for me. May be a wise suggestion. The way another person solves the problems of life may not be my way. After three months of frequent attempt I managed to solve the cube and after many days of practice I can solve it easily now. Everyone makes an attempt to solve a scrambled cube even if they dont know the formula. Scrambling is easy and many do that and just leave it. Many try but admit failure easily. In life solving is your only duty and scrambling happens on its own. But dont forget to take the happiness of solving the scrambled life. Of course there is a formula which is convenient for you.. In every problem… Every situation..