Failures are never the end result that certify our incapability but they are opportunities to learn and to improve ourselves. Try as many times as we can and don’t agonize about whether the results will be successful or failure. If there is success then it is good, but if we fail then it is also good because it means that we now have the opportunity to realize what we lack, rectify ourselves and try once again.

That motivation inside us will inspire us to do better and better. It is hard to believe but it is true that there are some people who measure caliber just on the basis of the number of prizes or material possessions that one has achieved instead of acknowledging talent or knowledge. Those who discourage others only make them lose all confidence, building up obstacle in the mind of the individual.

Those who  discourage are the real enemies but those who appreciate others and have good things to say to them end up motivating them and before you know it. They are inspired enough to try harder in order to get closer to success. Everyone has potential and it is always good to appreciate the capabilities of others and boost their self-esteem.

Therefore we should accept failures and view them not as the end of the journey but as the start of a new journey that may present fresh opportunities so take our failures as challenges and opportunities to improve ourselves.

Thank you for reading…..