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Laughter which is considered as the best exercise and the best and cheap solution for many of our mental and physical problem has become very expensive now!!!!!. People forget to laugh more over they don’t have clear idea when to laugh? Where to laugh? Why to laugh and how to laugh? If we take all these questions seriously we can see that sometimes we are also confused. Modern society considers a hearty laughter as an uncultured misbehavior of an uncivilized and uneducated person?

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There was a time of our grandparents who could enjoy even a silly joke and violently laughed with a full body shake and some even rolling on the ground. Laugh and collapse. But now people have become very serious that they lost the capacity of realizing and responding to a joke because from childhood onward they are trained convincing that a loud laughter is lack of commonsense. If we laugh, it should not be heard in the next house. Those who are living in the flat and small apartments this is a Himalayan task. Loud laughter gave way to the suppressed laughter by covering the mouth. The modern society reached the extreme stage that whenever there is an opportunity to laugh they say LOL.. (Laugh out loudly). The aged people who do not find an opportunity to laugh in life is desperately searching for some laughing club where they could imitate the guide who says HA HA HA… Here a normal monkey reaction happens, not real laughter. A real hearty laughter is contagious and those around in your company also will start laughing, some even without knowing the fact why all are laughing…

A good laughter has lot of beneficial facts behind, it increases the blood circulation, helps heart, helps mental relaxation and thus many of our sickness like blood pressure and stress can be effectively controlled. A person who smiles and laughs is always welcomed by others than a serious gloomy character. Who likes to be in the company of a person with a serious King Kong look??? We should be like small kids who actually requires no reason to laugh..but even a solid reason won’t bring smile on our face.

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If we ask others a simple question “Do you remember when you had a hearty and loud laughter last time?”, They will start scratching head to crack that unique date from the history. Every day we can laugh and every hour we can laugh if we have a free heart and open mind. Laugh and make others laugh should be our thought for the day and keep throughout life. Even Charley Chaplin who made the entire world laugh had written “ I would like to walk in the rain so that others will never see my tears”. So sadness is a part of everyone’s life but sadness should not kill the moment of happiness. Share happiness with others, not sadness. We should learn to laugh loudly but what to do?????? We are unfortunately in the age of emoticons.

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Everyone is in a hurry, all are busy, even the person going to get a packet of biscuits from the nearest shop will try to overtake an ambulance because what if the biscuits become out of stock. Take the key of your car or bike and enter into the world of new kurukshetra which is a fun now and those having fun not only plays with their lives but with the lives of others as well. Mobile phone became a best help for us humans but vehicles became a best help for YAMA ( the god of death) because it made his work more easy. People struggle to get visitors to their blog site but Yama is tension free because traffic to his site is thousands in a day and a big salute to all crazy drivers on behalf of Yama. We forget how important every life is. Because of our mistake a person die on road, think about his family, children and all his dependents. What if he is the sole bread winner of a family?? Life is a race I agree but driving is not a race. Everyone wants to be first on road and the moment you see one vehicle ahead some unknown inspiration to overtake that and once you overtook, yourself feel as a winner and you defeated someone.

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Everyone considers road as their personal property and goes on shouting at others. When we drive the most amazing thing is that we find all others committing mistakes, rash driving, and mainly not giving you way. If anything happens, see the pic above and that will be the situation for one hour. They don’t mind blocking the entire traffic as they want a big audience to see their performance. There might be emergency and even an ambulance in that block but the person who was out for a packet of biscuit will never bother because his emergency is greater than the value of the life of a person inside the ambulance in the block.  Where is the tolerance, mutual understanding and co operation of human. Human being is a social animal. But now people stopped being social and in that way only the last word of that caption remains now,”ANIMAL”.

We will have some fun….

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See the pic above…The only majestic vehicle which take a turn to the right side with left side indicator. They can enter any busy road or highway from any corner suddenly and it is your duty to be careful. Seeing their indicator don’t imagine they will take a turn…sorry that fellow is roaming with that indicator from morning..So busy..people forget..you adjust….

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The person who is inside the car is imagining that she is the real wonder woman and that movie was an inspiration from her. She is practicing because ‘Fast and Furious 10,11,12,13’ she has got contract. However this kind of a driving is a real fun right????

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This person is practicing to go to moon and how to manage with the less gravity of moon or else he is an astronaut who recently came back from space shuttle. Whatever he got a wonderful opportunity to fly in the air. If we are also a reckless driver somewhere we also will get an opportunity like him..So don’t be jealous on this fellow.

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The moment this person goes out immediately remembers the sweet love of his wife and he miss her a lot….or girlfriend????????..see the smile.. But when he was at home he had nothing to say. Using phone while driving is a suicide attempt. Just for a fun a negative thought……the person who called him while driving was waiting to see him committing suicide and lost hope. So thought of calling him while driving..If you call someone who is driving and something happened you are indirectly a murderer.

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This person was crazy about moving restaurant from child hood and even now prefers to eat while moving fast…hope there is toilet also in his car. It is the mistake of the child who came on road…because uncle is having food and the car has no commonsense to save the child.

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“Run for your dear life, That is a scientist inventing flying cars for future”……….

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This fellow from child hood onward was crazy about two wheeler but his father gave him a four wheel…Its OK….He knows how to satisfy his craze. Only problem is that since there is no bush near and around someone is sitting in the middle of the road for….?????????. OK.. he did not watch the movie of Akshay Kumar ‘Toilet’ so forget him…

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This is the way you have to park your car in future..it will save space but no guarantee that it will save life..

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Ok..now open challenge…Identify the company of this car..Prize..you will get a BMW if the answer is correct… The driver of this car might be sitting next to Yama and wondering how and when all these happened??????

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Somewhere I had seen a funny competition called Bump Fight”, These fellows are bit modern. So they are playing bump fight with their cars.

Dear friends in all these incidents there are precious lives which were risked. The father of someone, mother of someone,child of someone, wife of someone, brother of someone, sister of someone, grandfather and grandmother of someone…just think if that someone is us.. how do we feel???. Follow the answer of your heart….

Thank you for reading….


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Love is a sweet dish which everyone wants to enjoy without any limit. The appetite for this sweet dish is never satisfied. The more you serve the more will be its demand. The greatest truth is that we can cook this dish unlimited. Since I have compared love to a sweet dish imagine if it is not served what is the benefit. If you don’t allow others to taste it how will others know if it is sweet or spicy? But at the same time everyone knows that it is sweet and crave for that from childhood to death. We know that a milky bar chocolate will never be spicy but are we satisfied with that knowledge or do we prefer to taste that?. Definitely everyone wants to relish the taste of it.

In many household (there might be contradictory opinion in the modern family) father acts as a military commander, very strict and always with a serious face. But the wife says “However I know that you love the children very much” and he accepts that with a smile. What is the use of such love which is not expressed? How the children will know the taste of sweet love at home? This is the main reason many children in their early teenage only fall in love without any mature thinking. They feel the expressed love absolutely amazing and will crave for that. Such parents take an excuse that if they express their love the children will be spoilt. But in fact we cannot spoil anyone with love but can spoil someone with hatred. The children who tasted the depth of sweet love will be far better than the children who have mere knowledge of its taste but never tasted. The emotional, spiritual and mental development of children will be boosted if they taste the true love at home. Even the grandparents who are actually grown up kids also prefer for a word of care, concern and love from their children and grandchildren. A few words like “how are you grandpa?, Love you grandma” will give them a very good energy and smile on face. If the grandmother asks son if he would get some tablets in the evening, son will rudely say that “I can’t, I am busy today, I will be late, Let me see, if I remember tomorrow I will get”. But he really cares and without forgetting he brings in the evening as a surprise for grandma. Actually because of son’s reaction in the morning, till evening she might have worried and imagined a lot of things. This lack of expression is of no use even if you really care about someone. If he had said “Of course I will get grandma”, she would have become happy. I will give a personal touch for better effect. When I was in the sixth standard there was a two days tour from the school and almost everyone had already given name. I told my father that I also want to go and he immediately said “no need to go, you concentrate in studies”. One more week time was there for the tour. Whole week I was so much worried and insulted when teacher and other students regularly asked why I am not coming. When there was only one day remaining, I was studying in the evening with a heavy heart and my father came near and with a serious face told “tomorrow morning take money and go, join the tour”. In fact that moment gave me inexplicable happiness but what about the one week of pain and stress? Now I smile at that cute love of father.

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Heart is a small organ but so spacious that you can give space to thousands of people in that comfortably. Great people like Mother Teresa are a vivid example for that. But in the modern world heart is so congested that if we count the number of people within that we will be prompted to think why so less?????? There are many instances that after marriage even parents will have to go out of that. According to me selfishness and intolerance is the basic reason for such small hearts. Either a person prefers to narrow heart or forced to be so. However it has badly affected the family and social relationships. Since heart is too small to maintain relationships modern man invented mobile phone which helps the heart by storing thousands of relationships in that using face book, whats app, twitter, Instagram and so on. But this modern gadget makes people far near you and people near far. So let us try and pray that LOVE should not be a topic of study for the next generation. Let us start expressing the sweet love so that whoever near us will not search and crave for that outside the family which take many children in wrong route and fall in trouble.


Thank you for reading…..


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Dream is a strong expectation about what should happen in the future.

According to APJ Abdul Kalam “dream is not what you see while sleeping but that should be something that doesn’t allow you to sleep”. Everyone has dreams about almost everything in their life.  We have dreams about education, profession, financial status, comfortable and luxurious life, friends, family, and children and even about grand children. So till the last moment of life dreams of an individual are unlimited. We focus on many dreams at the same time and that does not lead us to any dream finally. We are always taught by teachers, parents and elders to focus the highest. Imagine a boy standing at the bottom of a big mango tree with full of mangoes with some small stones in his hand (mango tree is the world with full of opportunity) He is asked by everyone to focus on the mango which is in the maximum height and throw stones. The child takes the entire pressure that it should get that mango down with the limited number of stones in his hand. In this situation the chance of achieving his goal is very less and since the height of that dream gives more pressure which makes the child unable to focus clearly, he has the fear of failure and finally that fear becomes a fact. Friends…if the purpose is to get mango the child could have been asked to get as many mangoes from the bottom branch even without throwing stones, there were some which he could have plucked with his hands. Here the conclusion of this failure is to find someone responsible for  it. The child blames teachers, teachers blame parents and parents blame the society and the society blames the child. If I forget my personal dream and chase the dream of others I will never be happy. Any dream which we focus should be in our reach and there is nothing impossible for human being other than giving life to a dead body, the only thing which God has kept under His power. If you look at the top floor of a sky scraper and decide to take the stair case to reach there, you can’t skip any of the floors. Though our focus is the top floor, that dream should be chased in a gradual process with patience. Then the success is ours. “Rome is not built in a single day” is a famous quotation.

In this rapid moving modern world we want result immediately and that gives us more stress and we easily admit failure. After planting a sapling next day early morning if we go to see if there is any fruit on that, doesn’t make sense right? Then how can we do that with our life and dreams. My brother when he was a child liked rose flowers and plants. He used to plant rose stems in the soil but once in every two days he used to lift that slowly to see if the new roots started to come and within one week that stem dried. Being a child he was doing this mistake with plants and being grown up we do this mistake of impatience with our life. Everything in this nature has different time procedure to produce fruits. Banana can be produced in ten months but coconuts cannot be expected in ten months. We cant expect jack fruit throughout the year. A woman takes nine months and some days to give birth to a child but the elephant takes 18 -22 months. Neither the elephant can expect in 9 months nor the woman will take 22 months. If everything in this world is beautifully designed and planned by God The supreme Engineer, how do we think that he has not planned anything for us?. It is just because we are elephant who expect a baby in 9 months.

Your dream should make you happy…  Not sad

Your dream should make you enthusiastic… Not distressed

Your dream should make you inspired… Not rejected

Your dream should make you strong…Not weak

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Don’t live the life just like a log piece in the river. It goes where the water flows..it has no choice neither want choice and it allows itself to be drifted by the water, it has no purpose and finally reaches in the ocean if not blocked anywhere, if blocked it perishes there…Many lives are going like this. We give the key of our happiness in the hands of someone always. We believe that it is the duty of someone else to make us happy. But the actual happiness is within us and it is not others who make us happy or unhappy, it is our own decision. Be happy with whatever you are, whatever you have and wherever you are. Realizing about a wrong step will lead you forward but regretting about the wrong step will hold you there.

Thank you for reading….Wish you all the best.


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My dear friends first of all I wish all my friends a very HAPPY and prosperous new year.

We shall take a moment to think how to make the coming year a really happy one. We hear the wish “HAPPY NEW YEAR” from our entire dear and near ones and we wish them the same. But the real fact is throughout the year neither the one who wished nor the one who is wished is happy. So does a happy New Year wish mean we should be happy only on January first week and after that again sadness, worries, tension, hatred, jealousy, envy and live without peace of mind? If we make a sincere self analysis, this is what happens to almost every one. There will be one thing to be sad which destroy our many occasions of happiness.

We are sad because we ignore happiness and prefer to be sad. Just a small example, if someone complimented you in the morning that you are looking good. You will be happy for the entire day and if someone told you that you are the ugliest person I have ever met we will remain sad throughout life. The first statement made us happy for one day and the second statement made us sad forever. So my dear friends it is not those statements which makes the difference but the individual. It is the person who values the statements because we like to forget positives and remember negatives forever. The sadness is like a seed. Heart is the best fertilized soil for it to grow and every now and then we tend it with all supplements and it grows like anything and occupies the entire space in the heart. Seeds of happiness are always left unattended to be spoilt. Sadness is like a small stone you find in the rice. It is not necessary that we should eat that stone also since it is found in the rice, we can remove it and eat rice. But in our life we prefer to eat those stones first and rice later.

A person who makes a wrong statement about you is the person who wants to see you down always and we vale them more than others. This is the worse attitude of human mind. Just take an opposite stand by valuing the positive people and ignoring the negative characters we can find happiness.

We have to be happy with what we are and it is time to stop worrying about what we are not.

Jealousy and envy spoils ourselves not others.

Our anger is a short term madness which hurts us, not the one whom you are angry on.

Look at people less than you and feel blessed than looking at people who are greater than you and feel low.

How can we expect to be loved when our heart is filled with hatred?

So it is our attitude and preference that decides whether to be happy or sad. That means it is totally in our control. Then why should be sad when you can be happy?????

The love, concern, compassion, cares and serenity is the real richness and if we sacrifice this richness for material richness, soon we will realize its futility.



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Observing the situation of women in many countries I thought of taking it as a relevant topic . In the modern world the way their lives, Rights, individuality and even existence are questioned is a matter of grave concern. They are exploited, suppressed and mentally physically harassed in all sphere of their lives. A girl, before reaching the age of ten experiences the black face of the society many times and that gives her a fear of society which will ruin her personality, self confidence and passion for self expression. In many of Indian villages girls are not given proper education and are taught to be a lifelong dependent. When it is a child depend on parents, grown up, depend on husband..Grew old, depend on children.

The insecurity of physical exploitation is limitless. In the society nowhere a girl is safe, in the school afraid of teacher, at home afraid of uncles, cousins and neighbours and to its extreme there is hundreds of example where a girl is not safe even with her own father. How did the humanity become a part of history and a boring topic of the modern generation?

It is really terrible that the entertainment of the modern generation is nothing but violence. If a movie has to be a block buster there should be maximum violence and fight scenes. How did the violence become a brand of entertainment???? Our children are trained for that. If you observe, maximum cartoon channels instill violence in the heart of little ones. There is maximum fight and destruction in many of the cartoons and many other cartoons give wrong messages to children. The all time fun Tom and Jerry which evoked lot of laughter now evokes only contempt. They immediately go for Ben Ten, Power rangers, Bay Blade and so on. It is time to save the remaining humanity of our children by keeping them away from such social Medias but parents have limitation in that also which is the most pathetic aspect of all because  modern children have better knowledge on how to MISUSE social media than parents. Children like to imbibe knowledge from wrong sources. They like a friend who says “today lets bunk the class” than a friend who says ” Today we will conduct a group study”. Every man who violates the rights of women was once a child who was not properly guided. So concentrating on our children and guiding them through right path is the only solution to this issue.

If our children are pulled back from violence and encourage being more humane, there can be perceptible change in the situation. They should be taught to respect women from young stage itself. The lines in the Indian pledge “all Indians are my brothers and sisters” will have some meaning if the children learn to respect the opposite sex. Because if the female who is in trouble is our daughter, sister, mother and wife what will be our feeling and reaction? The same feeling should be brought out in case of every woman who is in trouble.


There should be worldwide campaign to restore the degenerating humanity which will make the life of our sisters more smooth, happy and safe. Just because Droupadi was insulted and molested there was Mahabharatha (Epic) where millions were killed. In the present society there are millions of such Droupadis but there is no repetition of Mahabharatha. It is the moral responsibility of each and every man to protect the dignity of women.

Thank you for reading…


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Once upon a time in a remote village a widow lived with her only son. She virtually knew the burden of poverty and was struggling to meet both ends. She worked hard from morning to evening without respite because she did not want her son to experience the hardships of life. She was known in the locality as a lady with one eye. Since she had only one eye even her son despised her and hated her because in his school he was known as the son of the lady with one eye. He took it as an insult and started to hate his mother more. When he went to high school he strictly prohibited his mother from coming to his school for any reason. He did not want to be known as her son. Mother never complained. She loved her son in such a way that all his arrogance and insult she tolerated silently. She continued her hard work and managed to pay the fees of her son without delay. There was an affectionate smile on her face and never showed that she was tired, sad or sick. Years went fast and the son grew up. He completed his studies and got a job abroad. He just said bye to his mother and went abroad. He was least worried about leaving his mother alone and going abroad. She was living just to secure the future of her son and was happy that she did that. He rarely wrote letters to his mother and soon stopped that also. She used to wait for the post man everyday and inquired if there was letter for her. Even the post man started to avoid her and considered her as a senile old lady. She did household works in the neighborhood for her food. The son got married abroad and never came back. She grew old and was sick. She knew that she would not live long and wrote a letter and gave to her neighbor and told to give that to her son if ever he comes. She died and was cremated by the public. One or the other way son came to know that his mother died. His immediate thought was to sell the small plot and hut where his mother lived so that he could get some money. When he came the neighbor handed over the letter which she had written.

It was written. My loving son… even in this last moment of my life I have unconditional love for you. I don’t worry that you did not take care of me. I don’t worry that you hated me as I have only one eye. I wanted to tell you the fact before taking the last breath. When you were just three years old fell accidentally in a bush while playing and lost one eye. Since you were small and had a long journey of life, I thought that you should have both eyes. So I gave my one eye to you because I can tolerate the insult but I don’t want you to face that. I am happy that you are living a good life. I missed you so much….. With love your mother.

He broke down after reading the letter but that was too late to realize his mistake and the unconditional love of his mother.

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We are living in a world where millions of parents are becoming burden for their children. The number of old age homes is increasing day by day. How easily the human forget those parents who sacrificed their life and happiness for their children. The modern children show their arrogance and rude behavior to their mother and no second thought in hurting the feelings of mothers. Many children fail to feel the grace of their mother’s love. The importance of mother is experienced only by the orphans because they look at other children who have parents and envy. As long as our mother is alive we take them for granted and do to them what we like and realize the importance of their presence only in their absence and once they are no more…

There is nothing in this world that can replace the value of our parents and there is none who can love us better than our parents…It is our duty to take care of our parents and LOVE the parents.

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Suicide tendency???? The biggest folly…


Unable to take the stress of the modern society and life almost everyone….telling frankly, even me…. !!!!!!! thought about this many times. There will be many situations in life which reminds about our limit in this world but everyone comes to this world with a definite purpose which we do even without our knowledge and planning. If we divert from that purpose we will be brought back to the proper channel by God and that process will be bit painful. In such situation, according to me  we have to realize how precious our life is, if not for us for others at least. The continuous negative thinking results in low self esteem and spoils our confidence. In the society you will get so many who will remind you that YOU CANT, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO, YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE,  you are not..Not..Not…. But people who tell you YOU CAN and YOU ARE are very less. You are not what others say unless you accept that. If we go near an elephant and every day and tell that animal “you are not an elephant but you are a cow”. Try this every day for ten years still we will not be successful in making that elephant feel itself a cow. But in our life anyone can make us anything with one word. Isn’t it ridiculous for an intelligent human to behave like that?  The thought of suicide comes when you feel that you have nothing left in the life, this thought comes when you don’t find any opportunity, and you have no opportunity because you have no confidence and self esteem. Lets us think in a different way since many of the suicide cases are not a sudden reaction to some serious situations. Consider a person who commits suicide. He thinks for many days how to finish his life, which is the best and suitable method for him, analyses many options, and finally reaches in a conclusion. Then starts searching for the required things and place for that. Once he made all arrangements waits for a proper opportunity or creates an opportunity. Finds a tall building, cliff or railway track and finally does what he wants successfully.  You can see how much energy he uses to find an opportunity not to live and in my opinion if he had used half of that energy to find an opportunity to live, he would have become something because the world is full of opportunity for anyone who is optimistic. Opportunity never comes to someone who waits for that, it comes to someone who searches and creates that.  We will have one reason not to live but we have hundreds of reasons to live.. Here, I remember a caption which I had read the previous day that “YOU FAIL ONLY WHEN YOU QUIT”

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Oh God..How to handle this situation???

Children in the modern society are physically mentally and emotionally weak and there are many reasons for that.  We will consider one by one. Physical weakness is just because of their life style where there is no proper exercise, no physical activities and a very unhealthy food habits.  Modern children become introvert just because they like the company of electronic gadgets.  A child who is made to stand in the class room for ten minutes takes it as a severe punishment but he is asked to stand for ten minutes by a teacher who stands 5 to 6 hours in class rooms.  The physical stamina of the old generation and the present generation has enormous difference. Children in the rural area and those living in dirty streets and slums play in the dirt, mud and rain and remain healthy but if a child from rich family who always sits inside the house and play with toys and electronic gadgets one day play in the rain, next day he will be admitted in some of the hospital. The more we keep ourselves disconnected from nature the more we lose our immunity, health and resistance power.   Mentally and emotionally they become weak because they are never exposed to any problems.  They never take a ‘NO’ from anyone.  The child collapses the moment it hears a NO from anyone.  Even a poor parent thinks that.. “I had faced many problems in life, struggled a lot and I don’t want my child to face anything like that in his/her life”. Very genuine affectionate thought, I agree. But let us think for a while.. Are we not doing a mistake??? How did we become strong???  We know how to solve the problems of life because we faced that, we know the practical approach to life because we experienced that.  How can we expect our children to swim when we do not expose them to water? If we give the child a book to read and learn how to swim and one day we suddenly drop them in water definitely we will have to see the child either struggling in water or drowning. Isn’t it our mistake??? The child is kept comfortably, given anything it demands and never exposed to any problem. Parents solve even the silly problems of the child and to the extreme many parents do the homework and assignments of their children also. Aren’t we destroying the creative impulse of our children and making them weak and dependant???.  An eaglet sits in the nest comfortably and waits for the mother to provide food. The mother knows if it is continued it will sit lifelong in the nest. It will not learn to use its wings. Mother drops the eaglet from high. The eaglet desperately flaps its wings and comes down to the ground. The mother comes and lifts it again and the eaglet is happy that mother came to help but it doesn’t know that the mother is taking it high to drop again. Finally the eaglet learns to fly and becomes strong and independent.  If the birds and animals in nature know this basic lesson, how can we intelligent human ignore this which is essential to make our children strong and self reliant??? My meaning is not to put the children in trouble but let the children know the problems and we shall not solve their problems but help them to solve that. Help them to help themselves.

A child will become this kind of an adult if we don’t give them opportunity,love and care

Thank you for reading..



Irrespective of age lie is basically an outcome of fear and insecurity. There will be fear of punishment, fear of lose and fear of situation. And all these fear occurs when there is no trust and depth in the relationship. Where there is trust there is no lie. Here we can understand very easily why a child lies to others. The child lies when the parent believes that punishment is the only way to correct a child. Every child makes mistakes but there should be a strong bond and trust that he/she can tell about any problem and mistake to the parent. If the child has faith in the parent that his father or mother will have solution to its problem it will come to the parent instantly. But many parents come with punishment than solutions which indirectly inspire the child to hide any of its activities and problems from the parent. The child is not mature enough to convince its parent with its sweet lie and the parent starts thinking why the child lies. It is a reminder to the parent to check your parenting steps. A child who does not share any of its problems and activities with parents will struggle to solve even serious issues later which will put him/her in deep trouble.

The best solution to this problem is to give time to your child, be with the child everyday at least for half an hour, listen to the child encourage good and discourage bad in a sweet way. The innocent child is an open book if it trusts the parent. In the modern society there are parents who go to their work place even before the child gets up from bed and they return late night when the child is fast asleep. The child will be under the care of other family members or servant. In such situation the child sees its parent once in a week or so just like an alien. Even in such situation the parent expect the child to be a perfect individual but they forget the fact that even a special sapling which they plant at home will not grow properly if it is not tended properly with manure and water in time.

Giving time to children will help to develop a bond and trust hence they don’t find the need to speak lie. Be a strong support and guiding force for the child in any of their situations and problems. There after you will never get a chance to worry why the child lie and this habit which you instill will reflect throughout their life.

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Thank you for reading…..